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T R A V E L E R  - M O T E R C Y C L I S T - M U S I C I A N 

M A R T I A L   A R T S   F I T N E S S   I N S T R U C T O R

G O L D E N    G L O V E S    B O X I N G   C H A M P I O N 


" After running a boxing / kickboxing facility in San Francisco of over 20 years, I set out for the road to travel, climb peaks on my bike, and be in nature to inspire my work "


Poem by Seema

Lost in the thoughts of ancient realm
Many thousands of years back
Nothing then has stayed the same
Such civilization, understanding we lack

Every ethnicity group had a tale to tell
From every little corner of this mother earth
How we worked and walked, then we fell
Cycles of life flourished again with birth

Each era had it's own vulnerable states
And each state had it's own Queens and Kings
The then ancient calendars with marked dates
Of unplanned wars in those dates boldly clings

The cities that have sunk or drowned deep
Took away with them, their entire civility
In the great oceans graveyard, now it sleeps
To be discovered by people with extreme ability

The now generation, is very inquisitive
On every find of any ancient matters around
But the finds become government subjective
Mostly those found from deep underground...

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